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Residential Saving Programs

4-County offers several different energy saving programs for its residential consumer / members. Below is a list of all energy saving programs offered.

eScore Program
Making your home more energy efficient doesn’t have to be rocket science. That’s why 4-County has teamed up with TVA on our new eScore program. From adding insulation to adding a new heat pump, eScore might be right for you. [View Details]

Power Plus Home Program
4-County’s PowerPlus New Home Program is designed to help you build the most energy efficient home as possible. In addition, if you build your home to PowerPlus guidelines you will also be eligible for a cash incentive that will be sent to you after the final inspection. [View Details]

Sunscreen Program
Sunscreens can help reduce the amount of electricity needed for cooling your home or business, protect your carpet and furniture from fading and provide an extra layer of privacy from the outside by blocking the sun.      [View Details]

Energy Usage Audit
This program is designed to help members understand their energy use and educate them on ways to reduce their power usage. [View Details]